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Our Partners

Nothing beats a great partnership. SG+T has been incredibly blessed to build great partnerships with the companies and organizations below. We highly recommend their products, services and missions and encourage you to support those that support SG+T. 

At Bear Archery, we strive to create equipment that gives you the best experience in the industry. From adjustable let-off to industry leading vibration reduction technology, discover the technology that makes our bows unique. 90 years of innovation, proudly made in the USA.

The Official saddle of SG+T, Wood Hunting Saddles makes saddle and mobile hunting equipment that's geared to the environment and the hunter. Made in the USA, their workmanship is second to none, ensuring sturdy equipment, and a safe, comfortable hunt. 

If you are in south GA or northeast FL, The Southern Sportsman Outlet is the place for all of your outdoor needs. A full gun bar, bow shop, and indoor/outdoor archery ranges are just the beginning. One of SG+T's original partners, The Southern Sportsman Outlet always has the customers' needs in mind, and goes the extra mile to make sure you leave prepared and overly satisfied.

Project Savior Outdoors fights against PTSD and Veteran suicide by connecting with the great outdoors and sharing the true freedom that comes through Jesus Christ!

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